QBCC Licence No. 1030945

Architectural Blocks

Unique and innovative glass blocks designed for exterior use and large facades. These blocks all feature "wings" which mean that walls can be assembled with minimal space between the blocks, and all the supporting elements are totally hidden from view.

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The 3D Collection

Dorico Metallic Dorico Satin Dorico Trasp

The innovators at Seves have added another dimension to the glass block with the 3D Collection, specifically created to provide the world of contemporary architecture with new design possibilities, styles and effects, with which to innovate and inspire.

Diamante is a 300 x 300 asymmetrical pyramid shape block produced by combining both high tech and old-fashioned hand-made processes. It features a prominent three-dimensional diamond-shaped glass design on the external surface.

Doric blocks are inspired by the iconic columns of Greek temples. They measure 300 x 300 and are available in 3 finishes - clear, acid etched and metallised. The external surface features parallel grooves that protrude 20mm. They are equally effective whether laid horizontally or vertically.

The Trapezoidal Collection

Trapezoidal Metallic Trapezoidal Satin Trapezoidal Trasp

The 300 x 300 Trapezoidal block, with its square Pegasus shape, has been designed with a special and brand new section obtained by inclining the two parallel faces of the block by 5 degrees. The base is 130mm thick and the top 80mm. On the basis of the chosen method of installation, walls with new shapes and geometries can be created by combining, either vertically or horizontally, edges with similar or different thickness. The final result is "tree-type" installations created by putting various modules on top of each another, or horizontal or vertical curved surfaces.

The Ginza Collection

Curve 24 Q33 O_T Metallic Q33 T Metallic Q42
Q33 T Q33 Satin
Ginza comes from "Gin", the Japanese word for silver. Seves's exclusive metallisation process has created stunning blocks for large facades.

The Q42 is the largest glass block in the world and was originally created for the Hermes Building in Tokyo. The Curve 24 blocks were also created for this project, to finish off the corners of the building. Click here for photographs. The Q33 offers similar features to the Q42, but on a slightly smaller scale, and has also been produced in a clear and acid etched finish for even more flexibility of design.