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Glass blocks are a well-established element of construction in modern architecture. Practical, versatile and attractive, they lend themselves to a variety of styles from retro to high-tech and futuristic. From dramatic straight or curved facades several stories high, to paving panels, internal partitions and reception areas, glass blocks can bring a stunning new look to your project.

Inner city renewal has resulted in numerous multi-unit developments appearing in our suburbs. Often these units have fire rating requirements due to their proximity to neighbouring properties, and this is one area where glass blocks are in a class of their own. Able to meet a range of ratings, glass blocks are the perfect solution where natural light needs to be brought in but fire rating requirements rule out other window options. Also, they are the perfect solution for maintaining light but hiding unattractive neighbouring walls, and provide security unmatched by other types of windows.

Glass Blocks Queensland can supply an exclusive range of European glass blocks specifically designed for light control, heat insulation, sound proofing, and bullet resistance, and now a new range of photo-voltaic blocks for commercial, public and residential applications such as illuminating walkways, bridges, balconies, patios and gardens.

Glass Blocks Queensland has extensive experience in working with commercial developers, architects and building contractors to maximize both the technical strengths and the aesthetic appeal of their products. We will also supply licensed technicians to install all of our blocks. From the largest to the smallest project, throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales, we are happy to provide quotations and other assistance as required.

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Glass Blocks Queensland are able to work with you or your architect / builder to ensure complete satisfaction where you are the most important component of the project.

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